2012-06-05 International Cultural Festival Opening International Cultural Festival Opening 2012-06-05 Lantern Exhibition Lantern Exhibition 2012-06-05 Interaction with St. John's Institute On May 30th, teachers in St. John's Institute, Philippine, had an interaction in SFXH, including wat.. 2012-06-05 International Cultural Festival From May 28th to June 1st, international education center held an International cultural fesival for..
2012-04-16 Visiting from Kei Chi Secondary School, Hong Kong On April 13th, there were 43 people (including teachers and students) from Kei CHi Secondary School,.. 2012-03-13 School Carnival On March 10th, there was a big school carnival in FXSH. This year, there was one big difference comp.. 2012-02-13 LeoFoo Village- Cutlural experience There are about 85 people (including one principal, teachers and students) from St. John's Institute.. 2012-01-12 Korea- Suwon Information Science High School St. Francis Xavier High School, Taiwan and Suwon Information Science High School, Korea signed a con..
2011-12-02 International Education Corner There are two International Education Cornerson our campus. The main purpose of them are to provide .. 2011-12-01 The 46th Sports Day The Marching-in of Athletes this year was also quite different from before. There is a central topic.. 2011-12-01 Principal's Canadian Tour Principla Cheng went to Canada to sign the sister school (Northview Heights Secondary School) on Oct.. 2011-12-01 Japan Electronics College Animation Workshop To enhance the cross-cultural communication perspectives, Principal Chang invited the instructors an..