With the rapid development of information technology, countries from all over the world interchange frequently, forming a complicated network of relationships. In an era of globalization, any changes happening in one corner of the world may affect the lives around us. Our society now is making great progress in internationalization and cultural diversity while the cultural impacts brought by globalization continue to increase. Having more opportunities to contact people of different nationalities, how we treat our own country and cultural traditions, and how we regard foreigners and their cultures, are the subjects we have to learn.
   Thus, to cultivate a global view and further deepen the connection with the world, the Ministry of Education proposes “The White Paper on High School International Education,” an epoch-making project focusing on the enhancement of high school international education; for example, the innovative curriculum, teaching methods, extensive international exchanges, professional teacher training, and reconstruction and management of school environment.
   Therefore, St. Francis Xavier High School establishes “The International Education Center” and looks forward to welcoming the advent of internationalization with our students and school colleagues. If you have further questions about us, please contact us:
Chief of International Education Center: Song Wen-Song E-Mail:song@gm.fxsh.tyc.edu.tw
Leader of International Education Center: Tuan Cheng En E-Mail:twun1120@gm.fxsh.tyc.edu.tw
Vice leader of International Education Center: Liu Szu Hsien E-Mail:shliu@gm.fxsh.tyc.edu.tw