Junior high school

   Junior high school was founded in 1965 and became very illustrious among the high schools in Taoyuan. Besides, our school has developed a lot of famous people in Taiwan. Here are some future goals and perspectives:

1. Pay attention to English learning. Expect students to pass GEPT elementary level before graduation.
2. Expect students to be familiar with the basic computer processing well and help them develop necessary skills.
3. Implement life education to give students to develop a holistic education.
4. Develop students to have a deeper thinking,multi-angle reflection, and enhance the international perspectives.

Academic Department

   The goal of the Academic Department is to cultivate the student to become a college student with high quality after three years. Besides of teaching students the professional knowledge from different subjects, we also put emphasis on character education. We help the students to fulfill their knowledge and competence in multiple ways in order to achieve the goal of Holistic education.

Dept. of Applied Foreign Languages

1. Develop students with English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability.
2. Develop students to have the ability to pass GEPT and TOEIC.
3. Learn and respect different culture and tradition in foreign countries.
4. Combine English and business courses in order to let students become more competitive in the job market in the future.

Dept. of Advertisement

1. Cultivate advertising design and technical personnel as the goal.
2. Encourage students to participate, visit various competitions and exhibitions after school.
3. Provide various and lively courses, and develop students with creative thinking skills in the future.
4. Counsel low-achieving students and give them self-achievement.

Dept. of Multimedia Design

1. Cultivate advertisement, multimedia design personnel as the goal
2. Combine the traditional painting techniques,modern design concepts and develop students  of aesthetics and visual communication design sensitivity and stories.
3. Combine studies or inter-strategic alliance in “teaching” and “learning”.

Dept. of Computer Science

   According to the polity of Technology in Education from Ministry of Education, the Dept. of Computer Science is trying hard to cultivate the talented people in Computer Technology. The characteristic of our teaching is that we pay much attention to students’ academic performance and also their practical abilities in the future career.

Dept. of Data Processing

   Due to the information technology develops rapidly, the purpose of establishing the development is to cultivate business data processing talents. This course emphasizes both commercial courses and information technology curriculum. With strict discipline and the concept of holistic education, students cannot only attain complete counseling on academic studies, but also gain the professional licenses.

Dept. of Business Affairs

   The main goal of the Dept. of Business Affairs is to cultivate the specialists in business affairs in respond to the new trend of business management and the demand for the national economic development. Our Department focuses on strengthening students’ general business knowledge, information technology and the practical skills in business affairs. We also value the performance in business and life etiquette, so our students can develop an optimistic attitude, be creative and know how to cooperate with others and give feedback to the society.

Dept. of International Trade

   According to the international trends and the needs of economic development, this development nurture outstanding talents of international trade as the object. School also focuses on foreign languages teaching such as English and Japanese、international trade theory、practical skills and business data processing skills development.