History of St. Fransic Xavier High School
Established in 1965 by more than forty priests from Hsien County diocese of Hebai province, St. Francis Xavier High School, based on the spririts of philanthropy and sacrifice, offered an excellent educational institution for local residents and the neighboring. In memory of the first Chinese Bishop from Hsien County Diocese, Zhao Zhen Sheng, SFXHS was named after him by his saint’s name, St. Francis Xavier.
Located at Taoyuan City, Taiwan, it contributed to the local educational development and innovation, advanced the students’ intellectual enrichment, and therefore, fostered their potential for pursuing their careers.
A History Timeline of SFXHSl
1965 - SFXHS launched programs of instructions, with only three classes of boys for junior high school on 28th, July.
1966 - Three classes of boys, and one class of girls admitted    
1967 - Four classes of boys and two classes of boys admitted
1968 - The senior high school of Academic Education and the affiliated junior high school of Continuing Education established
1969 - SFXHS transformed a complete secondary school, meanwhile, the affiliated senior high school of Continuing Education established
1974 - As the educational policies advanced, and economic development flourished, the subjects such as Electronics Maintenance  and Statistics were adde the subjects.
1977 - The subject of the Art of Design was added. Since then, SFXHS developed a comprehensive high school so as to render more alternatives to prospective students across Taiwan.
1982 - The affiliated junior high school of Continuing Education stopped operation.
1987 - The subject of the Art of Design was renamed to Advertising Design, and Statistics to Accounting.
1990 - The subject of Data Processing added
1997 - Electronics Maintenance changed its name to Computer Science.
1999 - The affiliated senior high school of continuing education was transformed the School of Continuing Education, the major subjects of which are: Academic Education, Data Processing, Advertising Design, Computer science, and Multimedia Design.
2008 - The subject of International Trade added
2010 - The subject of Business Affairs and Multimedia Design added
2011 - The subject of Applied Foreign Language added 
Educational Philosophy
Ideals of Education
St. Francis Xavier High School, based on the Catholic spirit of hope and love, began its educational vocation in 1965.
The ideals of the establishment of the school are mainly:
1. To develop respect and love for others;
2. To integrate the life of school with that of communities;
3. To promote an international perspective;
4. To pursue the truth, goodness and beauty;
5. To realize self-fulfillment.